M1 Abrams Mbt Features

The M1A2 is another improvement of the M1A1 with the thermal station of the viewer and the weapon of a commander, the equipment of navigation of position, the numerical data bus and a unit per radio of interface. Other levellings include the uranium armor exhausted for all the alternatives, a revision of system which returns all A1s to the like-new state (GOAL M1A1), to a digital packet of improvement for A1 (M1A1D), to a program of popularization to standardize parts between the army of the USA and the bodies marine (M1A1HC) and an electronic leveling for A2 (M1A on Sep 2). During the operations the shield of desert and the desert give the attack to and for Bosnia, some M1A1s were modified with levellings of armor.

M1 can be equipped with the attachments of plough of mine and roller of mine so necessary. The M1 frame is also useful as bases with the vehicle as genius of combat and with the heavy bridge of attack of M104 Wolverine. More than 8.800 tanks M1 and M1A1 were produced at a cost of $2.350.000-4.300.000 per unit, according to the alternative. To export the alternatives, with the package of armor of export and various options (such as the multi-fuel diesel engines) of M1 Abrams are also employed by the militaries of: * Australia (GOAL 59 M1A1, to write the service in 2007). * Egypt (880 M1A1) * Saudi Arabia (315 M1A2) * Kuwait (218 M1A2) * Moreover examined but not adopted by Sweden, Greece and a certain number of other nations. Abrams is protected by the armor from Chobham, a type of armor made up consisted multiple layers of steel and ceramics.

It can also be equipped with the reactive armor if necessary (as in the case of urban survival). The fuel and the ammunition are in compartments armored with panels of eruption to protect to be used it as team-member against the risk from the proper ammunition of the tank making cook with far if the tank is damaged. Protection against efflorescence is ensured by a covering of Kevlar.

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