Memory Improvement Using Peg Method

A lot of us are failed by our memory. Although it is not entirely a sign of ageing or brain deficiency, memory lapses can lead to severe memory gap or sometimes, even memory loss. The best way to keep our minds working even at the busiest times of the day is to remember things, items and important details that we need to attend to in the next coming days.

Exercising our brain cells by remembering is an important activity for our brain. It’s also a way of maintaining a healthy mind and active memory as we grow old. Unfortunately, there comes a time when we really can’t remember a person’s name of an old friend or even a famous line from a recent blockbuster movie. How can this be? We then blame ourselves for not paying attention to the details given to us.

Failing to give our full attention to the details given to us is usually what leads to memory lapses. We then associate it with a bad memory or memory gone wrong ideas when in fact, we still and can control what we are capable of remembering. The same thing applies in memorizing long lists of information. For this context however, a memory technique called Peg Method works very well.

What’s a Peg Method you ask? It’s simply an approach you can use in memorizing many items at a time. You can use numbers to associate a word or an item. So when you mention number 12, you can immediately refer the number 12 equals to the item you’ve linked it with. To make it even easier for you to remember information in using the Peg Method, try putting all the items in cluster.

A good approach is to group the items in five’s or ten’s. For example, items 0-9 is labeled extremely small, 10-19 is medium sized while 20-29 is large and so on. You can use various cluster labels by location, texture or even by rhymes. When you’ve gotten used to memorizing items through Peg Method, don’t worry in memorizing short lists, you can surely do it on your own.

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