More Protection For Our Children At School And College

Whether you are a parent or not most people would I’m sure agree that a child’s safety is paramount. Now childcare providers can do more to help make sure the safety of children in their care is as secure as possible.

Childcare providers can actually take steps to reduce exposure to risk by having fail safe communication systems in place but what exactly is risk? Well, risk can be defined as a hazard, the possibility of incurring a loss or misfortune, a source of danger or put another way an accident waiting to happen.

To help manage risk Schools, Kindergartens and other childcare providers can carry out a risk assessment at their premises. These are perhaps best organized, arranged and co-coordinated by the person who is ultimately responsible for the health and safety at the nursery or school.

And risk assessments don’t have to be complicated. It just involves looking at each area of the school, nursery or premises and noting any potential hazards or risks. It also should involve looking at the existing safety measures in place and implementing additional safety measures which could reduce these risks even further.

The fact is accidents do happen in nurseries, schools and in all types of business but by following some simple checks the chances of an accident happening can be reduced.

Another way in which accidents and incidents in a school can be handled effectively is by having fail safe communication systems in place in which to report and deal with accidents as and when they happen. One such system which is proving to be a highly way to communicate in modern schools, nurseries and colleges is by using Two Way Radio.

Two Way Radio systems like Kenwood TK3201 are ideal for schools and colleges who want a communication system in place that offers security and peace of mind for their pupils and staff alike. With features including full campus communication, a portable system that can be taken on field trips and a panic alarm which is ideal for lone workers, the Kenwood TK3201 gives schools a compact, robust and highly reliable tool in which to improve their safety and communication.

The head teacher, manger or person responsible for health and safety in a school or nursery has a duty of care to employees, children, visitors or indeed anyone visiting the premises so having an additional communication system in place using Two Way Radio is perfect for one.

Here are just a few areas that nurseries, schools and other childcare providers could use a Two Way Radio like the Kenwood TK3201.

Trips, slips and falls – a child falls in a class room injuring themselves. The teacher can easily use the 2 way radio to report the incident immediately and help is on its way.

Safety of Personnel – staff working alone now have a facility to summon assistance and raise an alarm if required

Outside Areas – two way radios are portable with no call charges so teachers can communicate with each other and other members of school personnel across a wide area

Modern schools do a good job in making sure their staff and children are protected at all times but by using Two Way Radio they can now do even more. There really is no excuse for modern nurseries, schools and kindergartens to fail to make sure their premises is as safe as possible so two way radio provides them with an affordable solution to reducing and handling safety and communication - failure to do so really isn’t worth the risk.

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