Motivation: Puppet Or Individual?

Motivation comes as a result of having a clearly defined goal to achieve something that you are passionate about. I meet people week in and week out here in Oxford that are thousands of miles away from home studying at the university. Oxford is world famous for turning out some really successful people, such as presidents, prime ministers and CEO’s of large international companies. In fact there are probably students studying there now that will be responsible for massive changes and impacts to the world in their lifetimes. One problem that I hear of from the academics that I help in my clinic is one of a lack of motivation and plenty of procrastination.

A massive number of students that do come and see me have arrived at Oxford with no clear definition of what they want from even being there. When asked what they will do with their degree they say that they are not sure and when I ask then why they are studying they tell me that it is what their parents want. This makes me a little concerned as how can we expect motivation and passion to be there when we are trying to achieve something that is someone else’s dreams and goals for us? I really detest the parental war cry of ‘go to university and get good grades so that you can get a secure job’. This is all well and good if children and young adults are allowed to explore their own dreams and aspirations – instead of having to do what their parents say.

I have seen students that are just seemingly ‘lost in life’ because their parents have chosen to decide what would be best for their child’s life. This type of restriction is cruel and is uncalled for. If parents wanted a puppet they should have gone to the toy store instead of having children. If you are a student in this position you will understand just how this can impact your passion and motivation.

If you are in this situation you have two options, the first is to become more assertive and start to explore and research the things that you want to achieve in your life and then start to achieve them. The second is to except defeat and do what your parents want and get that degree and then enter the rat race. The choice is yours – puppet or individual – you decide.

If you want to gain more motivation, passion and enthusiasm then I suggest that you use hypnosis to achieve your goals and attain the career and lifestyle that you want to have.

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