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A certification is a statement indicating the participation or completion of the beholder to a significant event or affair. It becomes evident in the form of a certificate, a letter-sized parchment or board paper containing details on the certification granted to the awardees or participant. Only authorized signatories confirm the veracity of every certification.

There are different ways to award a certification. The significance of the event often tells what the certification is all about. Events like graduation, meetings, and trainings may award certification to its participant.
The following discusses further the possible certification that can be given to a person:

Diploma. A diploma is a certification that guarantees a student that he or she has completed his education at a certain level. It is also a passport to a job that he is applying for. Most importantly, it serves as a living legacy of a person’s achievement through the years of completing the recognized education system.

Certificate of Participation/Attendance. This certification is given to people who have been involved in a scheduled meeting or seminar. The event covers informative interaction between the host and the audience. Commonly, this even lasts for only a day and for as long as one-week depending on the coverage of information to be tackled. It is usually organized for a specific group of people who are at par or interestedly involved with the topics offered in that event.

Certificate of Completion. This certification is offered for people who took short-term courses. Training is the most common example to have this kind of certification. This event also covers a specific group of people who needs to take such course for further advancement of knowledge in their field. Training may last a week or up to a month depending on the coverage of the topics. Examples of this are trainings attended by seafarers, which are important before they can be admitted to work on a vessel.

Professional Certification. This is awarded to people who have passed the qualifying exams to acquire their distinction as a professional. This certification is required by some companies for an applicant to be admitted. This is a proof that a person is capable of performing the job professionally having enough knowledge with the career he or she is pursuing. Common example of this is the Microsoft certification. The certification granted by Microsoft varies from different field of expertise. One can acquire as much as he can as long as he has enough to knowledge to pass the company’s exams.

Certificate of Recognition. This certification is usually awarded to people who host a specific event or provides the support through education. This is a recognition for their valuable support to their participants. They are professionals in the field they are teaching contributing more knowledge to the participants of the event. They are commonly referred as the guest speakers or trainers of an event.
Certificate of Merit. This is usually awarded to outstanding students or participants of an event. The person who receives this has been active in contributing knowledge or information to everybody in an event. The person has also met the standard requirements more satisfactorily.

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