Online University Versus Real World

You hated high school and all of the angst that went along with it, and you think that college will be the same way. You want to get away from the traditional classroom setting and learn at your own pace. Thus, you are thinking of getting your degree from an online university. However, before you make a solid decision, be aware of the things that you are sacrificing. While college can include its fair share of social dramas, it really is nothing like high school. People are attending college because they want to, and are more serious about getting their degree than getting their high school diploma. While high school was full of immaturity, here students of all different ages can meet together, and the level of maturity is definitely different.

Of course, choosing an online university over a real world one also means sacrificing the overall “true college experience.” While the internet provides a setting for people to meet other people in academic settings, it is not the same as learning together in real life. It also means giving up the overall college atmosphere. Specifically, when you decide to take classes through an online university, you often have no campus to refer to as a base. You work entirely from your home, and miss out on campus events such as concerts, lectures, and poetry readings. However, it should be noted that some online universities have a connection to the main campus of the school as well.

Another thing that you will be missing out on if you choose to attend an online university is the dorm life. Now, this might be good and this might be bad, because everyone has heard tales of roommates that did not get along. However, dorm life also can provide you with more of an opportunity to live on your own and meet people at the same time. So, keeping all of this in mind, something that you should do is at least visit the various real world universities that have the major you are interested in. Get a feel for the atmosphere – you might just like what you see. However, if you visit all of these universities, and you still do not like the idea of attending one, the next step is to figure out which online university has the best program for you.

Choosing an online university can be a daunting task, because there are more and more of them as people increasingly turn toward the internet. So, make sure that you make your decision based on the overall cost, as well as the ratings that the university receives. You are sure to find the right online university for you with the proper research.

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