Pass Praxis In Flying Colors! Tips In Acing The Praxis I Exam

Students are not the only ones who should ace in an exam; those who aspire to be teachers are faced with the same challenge come licensing and qualification exam such as PRAXIS I. Therefore, ardent preparations should be made so that these teachers-to-be can prove themselves worthy to educate others.

To prepare for the upcoming PRAXIS I exam, here are some tips that you have to keep in mind.

1. Determine the subject areas that you need to study.

It is a good habit to write a list of the topics that will be included in the subset that you will be taking. This habit brings a lot of advantages, some of which are as follows.

- It allows you to save time.

Reviewing time must be maximized to achieve best results. In as much as you want to know all, the tests are taken in subsets, and it is focused on certain topics.

It will also allow you to cover all the things that you have to know, because as soon as you have listed all the topics, you can divide your time to review it all.

- It allows you to master the topic at hand.

You will know more form a certain topic if you focus mastering it and ignoring other facts that would just confuse you.

2. Collect your resource materials way before starting to study.

It would be more advantageous if the resource materials that you need have been listed and sorted according to the list of topics that you have prepared. In this way, you know the materials that you still need to find, and at the same time, it will save you time in looking for notes you need from a pile of reading materials.

3. Compare previous results to assess how you are faring so far.

Previous results of tests, may it be mock, review, or the actual PRAXIS (if you will be retaking the exam) should be kept for you to know your weaknesses, strengths as well as improvements. This will give you a hint regarding the topics that you need to focus on.

4. Condition yourself for studying.

The best way to have time for studying is to make it a part of your system. A good study habit will do you good since it is easier for your mind to cooperate with your will to review.

To create a study habit:

- Assign a certain place for you to study only.

This place should be conducive enough for reviewing. And it should only be associated to studying only. Therefore, there should not be any source of interruption such as television, phone and the likes.

- Create a study schedule and stick to it.

Schedules are worthless if you do not adhere to it. So there should be minimal diversions from the study plan. To help yourself adhere to it, you should be able to know the time when you are most efficient to take in information, as well as the time when you are most tempted to take a nap or break. In this way, your study schedule is patterned after your own activities.

Studying for PRAXIS I exam is like studying for any other examination, But this preparation time should be given a more serious approach since it is your future to become teachers that is at stake.

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