Possible German Lessons Of Confusion

In learning the German language, mistakes can be made unavoidably. It isn’t something which any student can freely disregard since learning isn’t complete without mistakes being made.

What many students fail to understand is that mistake is inevitable and there’s no point in learning something without getting a good grip on mistakes. It’s a good way of earning additional progress on the German language. But let’s take this to the main topic. The German language has many pitfalls and the fear of committing one is already a pitfall.

Definitely, the word order in the German language is one area where students and new learners have a hard time dealing with since it’s less cooperative compared to the English language. The word order is also called syntax and the German language has many adjustments when it comes to this. Unlike the English language, the German sentence doesn’t necessarily have the subject at the beginning at all times or the first part of the sentence. Better watch out for this one.

Nouns in German have one gender each out of three. This is quite a tricky part because there are nouns you’d never thought as male when it is, or even female in gender. This part of the German grammar is crucial. You need to memorize each noun with its proper gender because if you don’t, either you blame your lesson at the very moment you made the mistake or just take the blame for it. Either way, you made a mistake, though it doesn’t sound so intelligent for you to have done it, look at it positively, a mistake made is a progress earned.

The last important part you need to look into is the German 'you'. There is the word 'you' or Sie for formal German and du for the informal version. Since English speaking people only has one word use for 'you', this could become an area of confusion. It’s best to learn properly when and which part of the German vocabulary the formal and informal 'you' are used to avoid further error on command forms and verb conjugation of the language.

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