School Fund Raising Idea – Custom Gift Wrap

Some of the best fund raising ideas for schools are those which involve the pupils in some kind of creative activity. I'll bet if you asked most young children what they enjoy most at school the answers would include drawing or painting. Combining the talents of our children with parents and grandparents willingness to spend money is a winning combination.

And how do you get all that creativity on to something that displays our children's artistic skills to as wide an audience as possible? You print it on gift wrapping paper. Possibilities for themes are endless, but parent's pockets aren't, so selling the gift wrap at a couple of events a year should be just right. The most obvious are the Summer Fete or Fair and at Christmas.

Get the children to create their works of art on A4 paper sheets. They can be on white paper, or for an interesting effect spread a few different coloured papers among the pupils. A standard sheet of Gift Wrap is 500mm x 700mm or similar. When the children's illustrations are reduced down in size, you can fit any number from about 72 up to 288 images on to a sheet. It depends on the effect you want to achieve. The white background tends to work better with the lower numbers and the multi-coloured papers with higher numbers. Duplicate images as desired or necessary to make up the numbers.

The children's images are scanned and montaged using design software and printing should be carried out by a printing company. How much of the work of creating the gift wrap is carried out by the school will depend on the school's own capabilities. However, it is recommended that the assembly of images and final printing is carried out by professionals. The minimum quantity for printing gift wrap of this kind is 1000 sheets. The profit on this amount should be at least 100% after printing costs are taken out. For larger quantities, the amount raised by the school would be even higher.

At Christmas time, an additional fund raiser is to have greetings cards printed with images from the gift wrap. The advantage with these fund raising projects is that they can be repeated annually with different sets of children taking part. As well as the money raised, the expressions on the children's faces when they see their work in print is priceless.

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