Spring Has Sprung!

According to the time in my area Spring was Sprung last evening around dinner time. Have you seen the trees budding? Can you feel the warmth in the air and best of all can you smell the scent of spring rain? The air feels soft and fresh like clean clothes on the clothes line and there’s a promise of freshness and color from the crocus and daffodils peaking through the last remnants of snow.

Spring is messy too! The once glimmering white snow is now laden with road dirt and other indescribable litter. The run-off water mixes with dust and debris as it rushes across our pathways to ditches and sewers. Yet the arrival of Spring extends a welcome greeting that hears only the mating bird songs and feels the desire to fondle the warming Earth.
The vernal equinox announces the first day of spring March 20 or 21 when the sun sits directly over the equator. As the earth revolves around the sun the top half called the Northern Hemisphere, which is where we are, tilts more toward the sun and moves us away from winter and toward Spring.

On the other hand, the bottom half, the southern Hemisphere tilts away from the sun bringing autumn and winter to people in Australia and South America and Africa.

“Equinox”, a latin derived word means equal nights. At this time, sunrises and sunsets are about 12 hours apart all over the Earth, give or take a minute or two when the days are a few minutes longer than the nights.

Spring can be rowdy too! It can get extreme in temperature and bring more of the dreaded snow or rains that add to the run-off and burst the banks of the rivers and streams. Lightning and thunder and winds can often preclude twisters and tornadoes.

There is a similarity between Life and Spring that gives us the determination and courage to renew us in the face of set-backs and misfortune. Human Beings rise up to adversity in it’s many forms from personal tragedy to the disasters of Nature. And Human Beings, being human in nature, rise to the aid of humanity.

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