Study Children To Survive

Different governmental and non-governmental research centers conduct studies regarding environment, technology, mass media affects on children’s behavior, health, attitudes and self- development. Unfortunately, most of them have discovered much more damage than benefit from adults’ efforts to improve their living.

Air pollution affects children’s health much more than adults because children are more vulnerable physically and they spend more time outdoors. More and more polluted air will definitely bring the times when our future generations walk out with air condition controllers and respirators to breathe.

Rapid industrial sourcing of raw materials are exhausting the Earth with so fast volumes that within a hundred of years (our grandchildren and great-grandchildren era) will eat plastic food or return to the primitive society due to lack of materials to build, knit, weld, grow etc. The question of natural resources saving has been discussed for a few decades, but our children would not appreciate us much for these discussions memories.

One of the most powerful sources which affect children’s behavior and attitudes is technology. Technological advancements make our life rapid, reasonable and non-emotional. We can do more jobs, study more subjects, access more places and spend less time with our children. More and more children feel abandoned, unneeded and undesired. Their parents do not have enough time to express their love and devotion. The children who follow their parents as the major leaders in unknown world of adults does not have love a as subject in their study program. They do not know that love is the only feeling which can teach how to make friends, create a family and bear children. Technology indeed has a great future – the future without humans.

Self-development is the last but not least aspect greatly affected by modern world. The most affective attempts are made by mass media. TV might be the leader in children’s personal development because they spend 80% of their free time sitting in front of their TVs. Now, sit still and think of how many modern movie masterpieces you can remember which make their viewers think? The answer is evident: just a few! Profitable and short-time consuming world of action movies make their viewers (mostly children) simply sit and view amazing monsters, meaningless phrases and bloody battles. Thinking is not amazing? No, it is great because it can imagine and create all these wonderful lands! If our children would not think they could not give future to their world and their lives because ‘If I think, then I live.’

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