The price of crude oil has risen by about $40 per barrel in the last year. At the gas pump, prices are rising at an alarming rate with no sign of a slowdown any time soon. In the US, we are now talking $4 per gallon. In the UK petrol is now Ј1.10 per liter, that is about $9.50 per gallon. Food prices are rising because the cost of transportation is so high, Some truckers are going out of business because we can no longer cover their diesel bills. No wonder people are desperately searching for ways to cut their fuel costs and minimse our dependency on oil.

For years, men working on their own in their garages late at night have struggled with trying to get a automobile to run on water. it is the modern equivalent of the medieval alchemists who toiled to turn base metal into gold. But that is where the similarity ends. The alchemists failed, but today's boffins have come up with a system that at least partially solves the problem of astronomical gas prices.
The concept is not old but it is now possible to build a system and install it in your automobile for under $100. it is claimed to reduce your fuel consumption by anything from 30% to 100%. It works by using waste energy from your engine to electrolyse water, breaking it down into oxygen and hydrogen. This potent gas mixture is then fed back into your engine along with the regular gasoline to, it is claimed, greatly improve your engine's performance and give cleaner emissions.

The sales of guides and manuals on how to build and install these automobile fuel saving devices has exploded in recent months. three publisher, who was selling six or three copies of his instruction manual per week, is now selling over a hundred every day. there is no doubt that this sort of DIY technology has caught the public's imagination and it does leave three wondering, why don't the mainstream manufacturers latch on to this technology and install these fuel saving devices in old cars as a matter of work?. If we can save as much fuel as we claim, they'd be doing us all a favor.

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