Taking Memorization To The Next Level With Loci System

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you just couldn’t say the words you wanted to say although you know, at the back of your mind, that sometime ago, you knew what was the word or the name of the person? Sad as it may seem, but its happening. With the fast paced lifestyle people are living now, there’s no room for brooding on single information. Everything has to be done in quick succession since time is all that matters.

Failing to focus on the object involved at a given time and letting it absorb as a vague detail is a common mistake done by most of us today. This does not only lead to forgetting important details, but eventually, leaving out our memory skills to inactivity. People young and old have common traits and its called memory lapses.

You think these are just simple things that don’t need remembering, but it’s you and your memory skills which are at stake here. Forgetfulness otherwise known as memory failure doesn’t develop due to aging alone. It can be developed by middle aged people or even individuals on their mid-twenties. It does not choose its victims. Different factors that are common health drawbacks today such as depression, anxiety, use of alcohol and drug abuse contributes to a person’s memory failure.

But what we can do to help ourselves is to practice using and enhancing our minds to remember tiny details. Putting our memory to exercise is one aid which can never be too late for anyone. An example would be to remember items on a list as you associate them with familiar places or certain objects you can find in one location.

After choosing a familiar location, you can then associate the objects you see on that location with the set of items you want to memorize. This approach is called the Loci System which originally came from the Romans. It is also called the Roman Room Technique with which rooms are used to associate the things they want to remember. But today, don’t limit yourself in rooms, explore and expand your imagination in using the Loci System.

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