The Importance Of Preschool Teachers

Preschool is an optional school experience designed for children at least two and a half years old, up until the age of five when they enter kindergarten. While some preschool programs are offered through the public school system, most are offered through private or religious institutions. Such programs generally offer a play-based curriculum that prepares children for the school environment. Preschool teachers facilitate this experience for children in their classroom.

Preschool teachers are crucial to a successful preschool experience. For many children, preschool colors the way that they forever look at school; it is this first experience that should foster a lifelong love of learning and an overall sense of comfort and achievement within the preschool environment. Preschool teachers will often take basic concepts and incorporate them into play. Children at this age learn through play concepts that incorporate all of their senses. While they are having fun and practicing essential social concepts – being respectful of each other, taking turns, etc. – they are unaware that they are even absorbing educational concepts. Effective preschool teachers are able to engage the preschooler and offer lessons through these playful avenues.

Physical activities, such as ball play, foster hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, writing games sharpen fine motor skills, card games help to encourage memory retention, and games focused on books instill a love of reading and language. Preschool teachers, in many cases, are extremely involved in the development of the curriculum – incorporating ABC’s, math, social sciences, and history through learning games. Today’s modern preschool teachers also have the computer at their disposal; computer games designed for preschoolers teach a variety of fun-filled lessons through the use of color, sound, and interactive games.

Qualifications for preschool teachers vary according to state however accreditation in some capacity is unilaterally required. State regulations dictate the level of education preschool teachers must have. But ultimately, the most important qualification for preschool teachers is the ability to instill a joy of learning that stays with their young students for a lifetime.

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