The Rewards Of Teaching Minors

I assume that when most individuals go after their degree in education,they keep in mind the fact that they will be teaching minors. Anyway, this field does seem to be getting more popular in recent times. In fact, a number of folks are taking full advantage of teaching opportunities simply due to the fresh approach school boards are taking. Now days you can get your schooling paid for as long as you enter a contract to teach at a specific school for a certain number of years.That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Well, unless of course they stick you in the dangerous districts. That could get hairy.

Are you interested in a degree in education? It's kind of funny because my sister in-law did this for years, and then finally my brother joined in. He decided to go back to school for his degree in education and now he teaches 8th grade science. He admits that he absolutely loves it. He couldn't have asked for a better career. Then of course there are other who do not feel the same.

You know who you are;the folks at the other end of the spectrum. For example, I knew a young man of 25, who also went to college and acquired a degree in education. He wanted to be a high school math teacher. Well, despite his good intentions and positive attitude, his career as a teacher did not last long. He explained to me one night while we were closing up Hollywood Video, that teaching wasn't worth his effort. Sure he admitted that he loved the teaching and math aspects of it, but the work-load was not balanced with the pay. He was literally working his 9-5 shift and then coming home to grade papers. This is all for less that 30K a year. Yikes! I laughed when he told me that he made more as the assistant manager of Hollywood Video. That's sad! Now, keep in mind that this was in Oregon, which is sadly a place where education is not paramount.

So, if you are intending on achieving a degree in education, I would suggest doing some research first on the best districts to teach in. That degree in education may be worth its weight in gold if you're in the right location.

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