Basic Constituent Parts of Research Paper Format

Basic Constituent Parts of Research Paper Format
What You Should Know about Research Paper Format
Whenever you start writing your research paper, you should keep in mind basic research paper format which will make your paper structured and concise. When a research paper lacks structure, it is absolutely impossible to get A for your work. When the topic of the research is chosen and draft title is defined, it is a high time to think over outline of the future research. The outline will help to describe the paper format and define direction where to move.
Research paper format will vary depending on the citation style – MLA, APA, Harvard, etc. However, even having different citation formats, general outlook of the research paper can be the same.
Format of the research paper usually contains the following constituent parts:
• Cover page where all information about the course, an author and an instructor as well as a title of the paper are indicated. It should be noted that the title reflects the contents of the paper and can be no longer than 20 words. Thinking over attention-grabbing title is of utmost importance as it is the first element which can attract the reader’s attention.
• Introduction is the beginning of your paper which defines the focus of the research to be discussed further in the paper. It is one of the important parts where an author should try to captivate reader’s interest and emphasize issues to be researched. It is a clear and specific paper section where one raises issues relevant to the research and where a thesis statement has to be introduced.
• The body of the research is the biggest part as it is a description of the research itself. Usually it contains literature review part, methodology, discussion of the findings and, if needed, recommendations as well as limitation of the present research. Literature review presents the author’s knowledge of the subject which is acquired due to in-depth reading and research of the topic. It contains the views and opinions of different scholars on the subject being researched and author’s feedback on these. Research part is the most complicated part and requires many skills for a quality research.
• Conclusion part summarizes the findings of the research and presents a concise position of the author based on the research conducted.
• Reference page contains the information of all sources used in the process of research.
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