The Voice Of Jamie Mcintyre

In motivational circles, Jamie McIntyre is known as the 21st Century Educator. From $150,000 in debt, Jamie McIntyre turned his dream into reality to become a legit self-made millionaire. Now, he is eager to share his success in ways where he is able to emphasize the importance of having a 21st Century Education. With a concept that he started, the idea of 21st century education has reached the ordinary Australian in finding a new perspective to life and financial freedom.

"I remember my friends laughing at me when I told them I’ll become a self-made millionaire one day,” Jamie said. Jamie has proven that a statement that can be absurd for some people are reachable with the right mindset and financial strategies. By changing our approach to develop a millionaire’s mindset, we can develop the discernment to apply successful financial strategies to reach our first million. As Warren Buffet said, “the hardest part is getting the first million.” Everything else is downhill from there.

In his book called “What I didn’t Learn in School but I Wish I Had”, Jamie McIntyre started his argument why most people fail. Figuring out what the average 95% of the population are doing and doing the opposite is what will set a rich man and a poor man apart. The ordinary and the common create the financial failure for most people. Thus, Jamie suggests that there must be another way.

Jamie explores the idea of ones love for money. Finding how money works for you and your life is just as important as other aspects that contribute to your well-being. While we are not asked to love money, we are told that we need to care. People who say that they are not interested in money are the ones who end up working hard for it. If you want to have an improved quality of life, you should also be interested how money should work for you. The right attitude towards money reflects not only your financial success, but also how you want to live your life.

“I heard once that you can make excuses in your life and you can make money, but you can not do both at the same time.” Individuals are wired to finding reasons or other people to blame their problems. In the end, making blame is time wasted. Making excuses to what happened in the past is drawing on money that you do not have. However, changing to a millionaire’s mindset encourages you to be expectant of the opportunities to make money now and in the future.

Jamie McIntyre communicates to us that changing perspective involves thinking. Hard work is for naught if one does not work smartly. Some people tend to make most of their current predicament without thinking that there is a better way! This invokes a sense of accountability as we are able to reflect what we could change in our lives. Remember that blind activity without thinking about our priorities is useless. Make every action your nudge towards a positive goal and an encouraging direction for your life.

Finally, Jamie McIntyre confides to us the value of gratitude. No one is truly wealthy if one does not know how to be satisfied with what he has. Moreover, he teaches us that wealth is a perception that you make. The more gracious you are of your little successes, the more you will feel wealthy. Knowing that being wealthy does not necessarily mean being financially rich is actually the first step in achieving financial freedom.

Jamie McIntyre’s simple examples teach us that everything that we really need to change to be successful is our mindset. Everything starts from within. Once we have the mindset, we can develop strategies from a positive perspective. Remember that when we are on the winning side, nothing hurts. Thus, developing our winning side is what is most important in creating our wealth.

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