Tips For Preparing For Your High School Graduation, Part 1

Preparing for your high school graduation is one of the most exciting, rewarding and also, emotional times in your entire life. Faced with many important and life-changing decisions such as work, college, and living arrangements, getting through graduation itself can be hectic and frustrating. However, there are several simple things that will better prepare you for this transitional period in life.

It’s a wise idea to begin preparing for your high school graduation as soon as your senior year begins, if not sooner. A meeting with the school’s guidance counselor at the beginning of the year will answer questions about graduation eligibility requirements. It’s not uncommon for students to be surprised at the end of their school year when they learn that they haven’t fulfilled all of the requirements needed to graduate. The requirements that are set forth by the schools may vary by location but generally state that a certain number of classes or credits must be completed before a student is given their diploma or even allowed to attend the graduation ceremony in some schools.

Viewing your transcripts before you have to think about sending them off to colleges and universities will give you a better picture of your academic performance thus far. In addition, this will allow you to see if there are areas that need improvement during your senior year. Also, keep close tabs on your GPA or Grade Point Average, as this will be one of the most important deciding factors for being accepted to a college or university.

After taking care of the academic portion of your graduation experience, you’ll want to focus on the lighter side such as the celebrations, and the parties. Many graduating seniors choose to send out pictures and announcements letting everyone know they are about to graduate even if they aren’t having a party. If a graduate is sending out notices just to spread the good news and isn’t looking for gifts, then be sure to include “No gifts please” at the bottom of the announcements to avoid confusion and also to follow proper etiquette.

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