To Memorize And Not Force Memorization

When we have something to memorize or at least to remember for the day, we tend to forget all about it although we have been thinking not to forget since we got out of bed. But the wonder of the human brain doesn’t work like that. The more we force for it to work, in this case, absorb as many important information necessary, the harder it becomes to retain information.

We have been used to living in comfort but what we neglect to think about is the purpose of possessing intelligence above every other living thing in this earth. We are given the knowledge of wisdom and comprehension but it seems we are just putting this privilege to waste. What we’re not aware of is that our brain is meant to work. And the work it is capable of doing is to think and to store memory.

What’s the use if we continue to depend on organizers, auto reminders etc.? We have many things in our midst that we can use for our own comfort, that’s why when we do a few portion of remembering, we squirm and complain and say that it’s all too difficult to do these things. It’s actually one point why our memory fails us sometimes. Failure to keep our minds active to what it can see, smell, hear and sense weakens our natural ability to remember.

In light of this, its not recommended to work against our mind’s will because the more we force it to remember a particular name, number, event or any piece of information, it just won’t. A good alternative to help our memory maintain its keen sense is to exercise memorization methods. A simple memorization method is all you need. Check the example below.

Picture a large grocery cart full of fruits, vegetables and grocery items. Try to associate each item in the basket with one another. Imagine the grocery cart complaining about the heaviness of the items, while the sausage whips the grocery cart to the fullest…then the lettuces tugs the sausage back and forth…then the box of cheese nibble on the lettuce’ head as the sliced bread tries to place the box of cheese in between its loaves. There are also a dozen of eggs sliding down the back of the sliced bread as they land on the tray while the ketchup vandalizes the egg’s shell with faces…and so on.

It’s chaos but a fun situation to think about. And the point of the exercise is that the brain responds to the brain’s imagination quicker, without any effort, making memorization a lot easier.

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