Trade Paperbacks, The Most Popular Books Sold Today

Trade paperbacks are, perhaps, among the most popular books sold today. Since they are often sold at a lower cost than hazrd cover books, they are often available at a wider variety of stores.

Many book collectors also acquire several trade paperbacks from the same author, and they have become widely sought after. But just what is a trade paperback?

A trade paperback book is characterized by its shape, which is much like that of a hardcover. This sets it apart from a mass market paperback, which is usually proportioned so that it is smaller in size, but thicker in height.

A trade paperback, or (TPB), is sometimes called to as a trade paper edition, and can refer to any book that is bound with a heavy paper cover that is generally cheaper to bind than a hardcover book.

This is still cheaper to bind than a mass market paperback, but this is to be expected since mass market paperbacks are usually produced and sold rather cheaply in a number of stores including supermarkets and some convenient stores.

Traditionally, trade paperbacks were printed as special editions of a book, and were promoted as such at the time of release. Many of these special editions are now collectable items, and some are very difficult to find.

More recently, however, trade paperbacks are replacing regular paperbacks once the hardcover edition has been released. This is especially the case with many literary titles. Generally, pocket-sized paperbacks are now used only for popular and genre fiction.

For writers who are being published for the first time, a trade paperback may be the sole format of the release of their first book. This can help writers because the cost of producing this edition is cheaper than it would be to release a hardcover edition from an unknown writer.

In the comic book genre, trade paperbacks are usually used to print several editions of a comic series, usually an important story line or the entire series itself.

Many trade paperbacks are now sold on the Internet, which is especially important for avid book collectors who are looking for that rare edition that is long out-of-print. Here, both companies and individuals can sell these popular products, and it gives those seeking a specific title or edition the opportunity to obtain more extensive buying information.

Though trade paperbacks are now produced more frequently than they once were, they haven't lost their novelty or popularity with fans and collectors alike. So, if you are looking for that book that is less expensive than a hardcover, but more expensive than a mass market paperback, a trade paperback may be the answer.

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