If You Know How to Cite a Paper, A Level Paper is Guaranteed.

If You Know How to Cite a Paper, A Level Paper is Guaranteed.
Why is it Important to Know How to Cite a Paper?
If you are a student of high educational institution, you are sure to face many academics challenges, one of which is skill of how to cite a paper. There are different formats or styles of research paper citation – MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago among the most popular. Different citation styles are versatile forms of academic sources organization which are preferred by different colleges or Universities. For example, APA style is a standard adopted by American Psychological Association. This or that style defines the whole format of the paper indicating requirements as to its proper formatting like text spacing, font, margins, paragraphs, etc.
Citation styles are different forms of giving credit to the authors who have previously worked on the problem of your research and whose ideas you have used in your paper. Placing these authors according to certain format shows the respect to their work and notes their contribution to science. That’s why it is of paramount importance to arrange your inn-text references and references or works cited page the best possible way, so all people who indirectly contributed to your research have no claims because of your disrespectful attitude. Jokes aside, citation is very meticulous job which requires much attention to details.
If you know how to cite a paper, it means that you are half way to get A level paper. However, it is not so easy task as it may seem at the first glance. Say, your prof wants you to use MLA citation style and you even have guidelines at hand to lead you though this sophisticated process. After browsing the guidelines you are ready to start this responsible job. However, here are issues to keep in mind when arranging all sources used in your research paper:
• author name: does it include both full first name or not? Are their punctuation marks between last name and first name?
• date: its place and punctuations after it.
• title of articles, books or other sources may vary in formatting within the same citation style.
• Commas, inverted commas, semi column and colons all matter when it comes to citation.
You may wonder if you need citation in your admission or application essay, the answer is negative. You do not really need because most likely you won’t use external sources but project on your experiences and views. That’s why academic essays which do not contain citations are either your admission or opinion essays or they are plagiarized without considering other author’s work. Feel confused by this academic intricacies? There’s nothing to worry about.
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