Using Flashcards In Improving German Vocabulary

You might think that learning the German language is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest. Whatever your disposition of the German language is, there are still ways that you can use depending on what is most comfortable for you. Speaking and understanding the German language can be done easily if you want it. No questions asked.

A very useful tool for learning a language are flashcards. Each card has one German word (or depending on which language you are trying to learn) written on it with the English translation at the back. It is considered very useful for the learner because it links easily to your mind and depending on how often you conduct mental exercises of the words. It's similar to writing down words in a paper. When you remember words and write them down together with the significant point it projects, you create cues in your mind that help easily in remembering what German word it is related to. Just make sure that the words establish a point that you can easily recall which, could automatically cause yo to remember it even when you are not thinking of the word itself.

For example, the word der Pinsel means paintbrush in English. But since Pinsel sounds more like “pins” when pronounced, we can associate the word pins to Pinsel. By doing this, each time you think about pins, even when you are not trying to recall the German word of paintbrush, you'll be able to link pins to Pinsel easily; without so much effort.

Words linked this way are commonly done in attempts of improving memorization and learning a foreign language. It is most effective to link an unknown and a completely unfamiliar German word to something that we have been used to all our lives using the English language. This is also the reason why using flashcards in learning foreign languages or in any attempt of improving mental ability is always considered one of the best methods. Next time you try to go over your German lessons, try using flashcards for the words and effortlessly establish a relation between the English and German words.

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