Ways To Learn Spanish In Spain

If you enjoy traveling to Spain, and would like to learn how to better communicate with the native residents, it might make sense to learn Spanish. You might be able to speak “traveler’s Spanish” from a book of Spanish phrases, but if you travel there often, or are moving there, learning the language will definitely help you in your everyday activities. As you become more familiar with the language, you’ll be encouraged to make friends and perhaps participate in local community and social activities.

Ways to Learn the Language

With a little research, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of options for learning Spanish. You can find private lessons, which are generally the most expensive choice, but they can be great if you desire a one-on-one learning experience. You might also consider a language school. These are good if you thrive on the structure of classroom-style learning. Another choice is self-study, but this is for the most disciplined learner, one that will be driven and motivated to complete the lessons on his or her own.

If you’re moving to Spain, the government may be able to direct you to organizations that teach the language. Sometimes, these classes are free. You might also consider checking the classified section of the local paper, or the internet, for a language exchange. This is a free way to learn the language. Whether you learn individually or in a group, it’s a more informal way of learning, taught through casual conversation rather than a structured lesson plan. And as you get more advanced, you’ll find this to be a great way to make friends, and use your skills in a social setting.

For Advanced Speakers

For those that have mastered the basics of Spanish, advanced learning is the next step. A great way to better understand the language is to talk to locals. Whether you're in Madrid or Alicante, make friends in Spain that you’ll be able to practice on. Talk to the locals when you go about your daily business. Most people will be happy that you’re trying to speak the local language, and will be patient and helpful.

Another way to hone your skills is by reading Spanish publications. A magazine such as Puerta del Sol can provide you an opportunity to better learn the language while learning about the Spanish culture.

Learning the language will help you better interact with other Spanish speakers in Spain, and will provide a great way to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the residents.

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