Welcome To The Indianapolis Schools

If you’re considering a move to Indiana and are planning to send your children to Indianapolis Schools, this is the article for you. With numerous magnet programs, a clear instructional framework, and 5 district initiatives to improve learning, Indianapolis Schools are highly organized and are the place to learn.


The mission of Indianapolis Schools is to increase student achievement for all within a safe environment resulting in graduates who are knowledgeable, responsible, productive, employable citizens.


By the year 2010 the Indianapolis Schools will be widely recognized as a model urban school system that is guided by high expectations and standards of excellence. Indianapolis Schools can offer your child a unique experience where their learning is of utmost importance to all faculty and staff.

In the 2006-2007 school year, the student population consisted of 36,957 who attended 80 different Indianapolis Schools. 50 of which are K-6 elementary schools, 9 Middle Schools (7-8), and 5 high schools, serving grades 9-12. There are also 4 alternative schools. Indianapolis Schools have a graduation rate of 50%, and the district-wide attendance rate is 93.5%.

Indianapolis Schools employ 3,003 teachers, 2,435 support staff, and 238 administrators.

Indianapolis Schools are the only schools in central Indiana that offers magnet programs in the areas of:
Business and Finance Environmental Studies Foreign Language Immersion
Health Professions Humanities Inquiry-Based Learning
International Baccalaureate International Studies Life Science and Wellness
Math, Science & Engineering Medical Multiple Intelligences
Montessori Performing and Visual Arts Science and Technology of Agriculture & its Resources Teacher Preparation Telecommunications

Indianapolis Schools have adopted an “Instructional Framework”. This framework, which incorporates the “Best Teaching Strategies”, has four priorities:
1. Preparing the learning environment
2. Connecting with the learner
3. Engaging the learner
4. Assessing the learning

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