Why Ask The Professor?

I would like to touch on a subject most students probably never consider, namely, the great importance of asking questions to your professor. Ask! Never let this three letter word disappear from your life, always be sure to ask when in doubt. This will most likely prove to become one of your greatest assets on your long academic journey.

Always inquire your professor about things that might be unclear to you, but only and I repeat, only if this is important and vital for your particular course and only if it's very relevant to the subject. Remember that university/college professors are humans too, I know it's hard to comprehend, and they too hate it when hundreds of irrelevant questions are posed.

If you really want to know the importance of a good question, just ask your self how many times you have received certain important pieces of information through a question. Most likely, this must have occurred hundreds of times, hence my advice to you is:

Do not be afraid to pose a question when you are sure it's both important and relevant to the subject. Also, don't make your question sound sophisticated just to be rendered as sophisticated by the attendees, your asking because you want an answer not due to personal ego. Finally, I would like to end with some words I heard from a dean at Harvard a while ago:

“A Question ends with a Question mark”

It sounds so simple yet so many people tend to neglect this. I have to say, people are severely annoyed by those who make long winded comments under the “disguise” of a question. This is often seen on debates or at other types of public speakings, if you have a question, make sure it ends with a question mark! I hope you understood that, didn't you?

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