Will High School Rankings Affect Your Future?

With all the emphasis on mandatory testing and national standards it’s no big surprise that high school rankings have been getting a lot of attention. American high school students face a global economy, high technology demands, and the reality of living in a capitalistic society without the benefit of a solid financial education. Parents, teachers, and students look to high school rankings to help them evaluate their school’s progress and to consider moves to new areas.

Should Students Worry About High School Rankings for K-12 Gen Interest?

What if you are a high school student? Should you be concerned about getting into a good college if your school is poorly ranked in high school rankings for k-12 gen interest? Well yes and no. Most colleges aren’t going to bother digging up the high school ranking for k-12 gen interest for every student who applies. They simply don’t have the time. Your greater concern should be whether your school is really preparing you for the college if its ranking is that low. Even so- don’t despair. Attending a school with low high school rankings can work in your favor if you are a hard-working students who’s getting good grades. Focus less on the rankings and more on your personal achievements.

The Washington Post reported on an informal survey that found it made no difference to college acceptance whether students had attended private or public schools. I think it’s a fair correlation to surmise that your high school rankings will net similar results. Your chances of getting into a good college rest more on your personal merits than those of your school. Most colleges recognize that your school’s potential doesn’t reflect your personal potential.

Can I Use High school rankings to Get into a Better School?

If, despite my words of comfort above, you’re concerned about your school’s low high school ranking for k-12 gen interest you might be wondering about switching to a better school. On the one hand, it’s easy to access school info now that high school rankings are available on numerous websites and in national magazines. But before you run out the door, consider a few factors.

Switching schools isn’t easy. The private school route is expensive, even at the Catholic School option which runs thousands of dollars a year. Now your district may have charter or magnet schools that are reasonable alternatives to your current location. This is a good time to consult the high school rankings for k-12 gen interest. I’d advise against choosing a brand new charter school- you just don’t know what you’ll get. And you can only apply to most magnets at a certain time of the year. But if the high school rankings have you convinced that another school will better prepare you for college then consider your move carefully. You are still the most important factor in your success.

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