Which Essay Topic shall you Choose?

Which Essay Topic shall you Choose?
Some ideas on essay topics
Writing essays is not an easy thing. This kind of work requires a previous research, a proper organization of your time, using appropriate vocabulary and keeping your grammar and spelling in an accurate level through a good concentration. But, for many students, that is nothing compared to the main difficulty of all: choosing the right essay topic. Because, without this basic element, how are you even suppose to start?
In fact, many students find that, after choosing the topic, the rest of the essay seems to get solved pretty quickly. If you find yourself in that situation, you have come to the right place. Here we can provide you some valuable tips on how to choose interesting essay topics. Then, it is up to you to write your own essay (unless, of course, you need our help there too, in which case we are ready to assist you!).
Do some research first
If you have no idea on what to write about, maybe it is because you are still a bit lost in the subject itself. That is why before actually choosing you essay topic, you should read a lot about the subject and have at least some general ideas on the different topics of choice. For example, if you are working on an essay for English literature, you should have an idea on who the main British writers are, the different periods of literature history, etc. Then, you will be able to decide whether to write about the structure of the Canterbury Tales or Virginia Woolf’s personal life, to name a few possible topics.
Find lots of material
It is a very frustrating thing to choose a great topic which you find really interesting… and then having nothing to work on because there is so little bibliography available. For example, if you decided to write about the influence of French philosophy on the independence process of South American countries, but you can speak neither French nor Spanish or Portuguese, you may find yourself a little restrained. So always try choosing a topic from which you can find plenty of material to work on.
Choose an interesting topic
This is basic! You cannot (and should not) spend so many hours of your life working on a written assignment which bores you to death. Even if the subject you are studying is not your favourite, you should always choose as a topic something which, at least, provokes some curiosity in you. Writing an essay is, after all, answering a question that you ask yourself. No question, no essay.
Involve the reader
One thing is for you to find the topic interesting, but you should also involve the reader somehow, through writing techniques such as starting the essay with a great introduction, providing examples which may be familiar to them, distributing the facts little by little. After all, it is not so much about essay topics, but about how you manage to make them interesting for everybody
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