A Model Health Studies and Nursing Essay

A health studies and nursing essay is part of the many essays a nursing student would have to write as part of their curriculum. It becomes imperative that they learn how to write a good essay and learn to present ideas and assignments that would reflect knowledge on a particular topic given to students as part of their assignments. Buy essay – save your time for something more interesting.
Health studies would cover the health of individuals and use it for the betterment of society. This would require writing skills as it would necessitate presentations, working in a team, and generally would include the following:
• Spending considerable amount of time analyzing, evaluating, and researching health issues.
• Summarizing data and computing it to compare with numerous case studies.
• Gather knowledge of various arguments supporting a health issue and contesting them when required.
Nursing students would use the experience they gather from classroom study and real life situations to interpret and argue on a particular topic. For example, a student may be asked to write a health studies and nursing essay on abortion. This could be dealt with more elaborately in abortion essays, but nursing students might have to deal with this delicate issue. Moral issues come to the fore and an ethics essay would also have scope to examine what impact such issues have on the social fabric.
A theology and religion essay would also be including health issues and its direct impact on how mankind attributes religion to a source of healing. A topic which connects general health and nursing could be a person in comatose. There has been a lot of debate about mercy killing to be allowed in the case of patients in comatose. This issue takes a social and moral stand. The role of the family and society at large comes into focus. It is never easy to solve such issues only with a medical point of view.
Nurses have to adapt when dealing with many such topics. It is often difficult to interpret what a nurse has had to undergo when treating patients. But practice and presentation skills taught during the course of the curriculum help hone their reporting skills. A social work essay would be incorporating nursing skills that can help a social worker while working, though nursing would be restricted by health standards.
A paragraph or two about how a research initiated at the end of the essay would affect society and influence change in nursing standards for patients over a period of time can be suggested. The practice of nursing has been given due importance through the ages. It has been practiced and in many instances, records have been maintained which have helped in adapting to systems and models of nursing.
When writing about such essay, due consideration has to be given as to how rapidly medical technology has changed. Health issues are treated with great haste and medicines keep getting more advanced to treat even critical illnesses. It is therefore important that a nursing student or even other social workers keep upgrading themselves. One way of doing this would be to write a good health studies and nursing essay.
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