Is It Safe to Download a Free Assignment?

Is It Safe to Download a Free Assignment?
Free assignments are easy to get… and anything but safe
We know school can be a pain in the neck sometimes… with all these essays and assignments, tons of books to read and no time to relax and have fun. You don’t always have enough time to meat deadlines and so you think you may as well and in a free assignment you downloaded from a random web site devoted –or so it may seem- to make a student’s life simpler. Think again.
In fact, free assignments are easy to spot, and so the teacher will be able to tell you cheated. The truth is, most of the times (unless you happen to get away with murder) handing a free downloaded assingment can be even worse than handing in nothing at all. At least if you fail that way, you will be spotted as an honest failure…
What can we do, then?
Does it mean you have no more choice other than to quit sleeping at nights? Is watching TV something you won’t be able to do until next summer? Can’t you go out with your friends until the end of the semester? No, that is not totally true. There is a little secret that will truly make your student life a bit easier: custom made assignments. Ok, so you won’t get it for free. But, the good news is, for just a little money, you can get a truly original assignment no teacher will ever spot as anything but your own. On the other hand, downloading assignments for free will certainly get you into trouble. Do you want to know how? Keep reading, then.
The problems with free assignments
When your parents were studying, probably they didn’t have this problem. In fact, it was a lot harder finding an assignment sample or assignments for free. The only way would be asking it to an older student who had taken the course previously. Today, getting an assignment on any topic is as easy as using a computer. With any search engine you can find thousands of free assignments just hanging there on the Internet, waiting for you to download them.
The problem is that, while some time ago Internet was a forbidden territory for the elderly, and only youngsters used to feel comfortable searching the web, today, any teacher no matter their age, is going straight to the computer to see if the student actually wrote the assignment or if he instead handed in something he downloaded anywhere. Very common software will expose your lie.
Spotting a cheater
And yet, teachers don’t even need software. Has the student only get C minus grades? How come he suddenly gets an A? Then, he is cheating for sure, or at least getting some help. We know it sounds terribly unfair –isn’t it possible that the student is just trying harder?- but it is exactly what your teacher may think if you hand in one spotless assignment for free you found there. All teachers are expecting to find some mistakes in your homework. So a 100% perfect free assignment may arise serious doubts. Think it.
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