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Abortion essays have been persistent in creating controversy and debate ever since the 1973 national legislation of abortion. Several groups have been formed either opposing or agreeing to increase access to it. The issue has been taken up by political parties, religious leaders, and the judiciary. A medically safe method has often led to two-sided debates. Here are a few issues that reflect the thoughts of many.
• Moral Issues: There are many who believe that abortion is wrong as it involved killing a human being. They stress that new life begins during the conception stage. Religion plays a big role in molding the thinking of people. When issues become difficult to comprehend or detail, society is left with no option but to believe and accept the laws of nature. The viewpoint here is not to give into temptation and sin and repent when mistakes have occurred. Essay writers have found writing on these issues tricky and tend to take a view only after detailed research.
• Balanced Viewpoints: Teenage pregnancy, rape, and extra-marital relationships have raised the question as to whether abortion has become a tool in the hands of manipulators. In cases such as rape, victims need not have to undergo the burden of facing hurt and shame on account of something which was beyond their control. We find a lot of tolerance in society towards such cases. Teenage pregnancy has been an issue that stirs up passion among parents who believe that teenagers should be discouraged from having sexual relationships. This is easier said than done. Tolerance has reached a stage where parents have to be held responsible if their children go astray. Extramarital relationships have become a part of modern society. We are talking about adults who know the differentiation between right and wrong. In an abortion essay, all these delicate issues can be argued upon.
• Debates Within: Where legal systems have framed laws for abortion, there are many issues that arise regarding variations and acceptance of certain abortion issues. On one side, it is agreed that this could be dangerous to the mother. A bigger majority agreed that late abortion is an issue that should be decided by the mother herself in consultation with family and doctors. This neutral stand amount to giving safety less importance. This has become an issue which makes further discussion imperative and necessary. In biology essays we talk of only what the body goes through without analyzing the social aspects of abortion.
• These complex, moral, and legal debates have been cropping up regularly and show no signs of reaching a conclusion which would be agreeable to everybody. The majority agree that abortion in the first trimester would be the safest way to abortion. It also amounts to the feeling that such tolerance would only encourage teenagers and even adults to get into relationships that would condone pregnancy without batting an eyelid. An ethics essay or a social work essay could highlight this aspect better and offer balanced viewpoints.
A health studies and nursing essay deals with several issues regarding the medical aspects of abortion. The various stages have been studies deeply to come out with practices that can ensure the safety of the mother. People prevent advances on this issue based on morality, ethics, accessibility and effects of abortion on society at large. Tolerance on one hand and the judiciary on the other have to come out with the answer. When you write an abortion essay, consider all these issues before choosing a topic.
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