Fundamentals of a Biology Essay

A biology essay attempts to describe plant and animal life in its various forms. The human body is complex, which has led to various experiments and continuous research being conducted to successfully deal with situations arising out of biological changes and other external factors affecting life. Complexities can vary as per the level of study being attempted.
• The different experiments performed at various levels in school and college help in understanding the subject better. Every dissection performed helps in analyzing the biological life cycle of humans in comparison with other life forms.
• This complex subject is further divided into various sub divisions like botany, dealing with plant life and its evolution. In zoology, the human body is examined in great details. Complex topics like cell duplication, reproduction, and harnessing of energy are tackled with regular experimentation and documentation.
• Topics of interest would also include vaccines that can establish or improve disease immunity. For example, a major breakthrough in preserving life was the introduction of vaccines for protection against smallpox. More complex would be the study of cell membranes, which separate the interior of a cell from the outside environment.
• As you get into advanced studies, classification essay topics become relevant. Sociobiology tries to explain social behavior among the various species. It is given rise to several controversies in trying to explain human behavior. Abortion is another topic of general interest. Abortion essays would focus more on this subject.
• Explaining these topics with words would prove a difficult task. It is established that a biology essay when written with diagrams and illustrations goes a long way in explaining things. Research could include microscopic findings to charts and models trying to explain a particular theory. Reference sources should be highlighted and indicated for the convenience of the reader.
• A mathematics essay would present calculations based on theory. Especially in laboratory analysis, mathematics has helped in reducing greatly the mechanical process by blending calculations with technology. Biology has greatly benefited from this. Monitoring instruments depend very much on the speed and accuracy of such calculations.
• Disease is another major indicator of changes in body structure and functions. It could include infections, disorders, injuries, and other symptoms that could affect the well being of humans and other life forms. Transmission and social significance of disease has led to development of programs dealing solely in preventing disease. Custom written essays have been documented.
A master essay would follow all the rules of presenting an essay. Any topic you choose has to be backed by solid evidence accumulated from recognized sources. You have opportunities to write papers on topics that can prove instrumental in bringing about breakthroughs in prevention of disease and improving on the quality of life. Your biology essay would be appreciated if you research well and write with fluidity.
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