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A media essay brings to life the various shades of life in society today. Whether its television or radio, newspapers or magazines, internet or phones, we have let it become part of every moment of our lives. The role these forms of communication play therefore has been debated enough. The media has turned out to be very influential and has established various roles for itself that have surpassed any form of communication attempted before. We often read and appreciate some very compelling and interesting articles written in newspapers. It has become commonplace to believe almost everything written in newspapers and expressed through other forms of media. The impact of the different forms of media is there for all to see. This can be expressed well in a media essay.
• News print has been part of our lives since centuries. Writing is an art, and what better medium to bring out the essence of an essay than the print media. This medium has seen dramatic technological changes and has truly become a medium of instruction as far as education goes. The power of the written word has created several masterpieces that are still enthralling people across the globe. Language is no barrier, and translations have helped overcome the problem.
• Video is very powerful and closest to reality. Every aspect of human emotion can be captured through the camera. Even in a photo essay, we can talk of expressions being captured through still photography. Movies have been in existence for a long time now. The difference is we now watch them in our homes, theaters, and even when on the move.
• A politics essay is an exercise in bringing out the oratory skills of politicians. This is best expressed through the use of audio. We all remember the powerful speeches that have been instrumental in changing the destiny of nations. Inspiration has been drawn from the oratory skills of great men. Similarly, when a music essay is attempted, soul-stirring renditions are described, many of which have been part of our lives. We have been humming our favorite tunes for so long now.
• The internet has expanded the horizon and now almost everything can be communicated in real time across any distance. All forms of communication is possible to be transferred through the world wide web. The use of telephones has been transformed into internet telephony. In a journalism essay, we talk of journalists communicating with their respective centers. This has become a piece of cake with the internet making it possible.
All types of media exist in harmony today, each playing its part in getting the message across. The English essay would communicate in English, but could now be automatically translated into several other languages through software. Every aspect of this is so powerful that topics are not difficult to find. Choose from among the latest reports. Chances are that you would find research material easy to find. Attempting to write a media essay would be an exercise that will truly bring out the best in you.
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