Five Great Ways Of How To Write An Essay

You might wonder how to write an essay of approximately 500 words. Well, if the reader reads through and makes him or her to ponder over it, you already know how to write one. It might still make you wonder though as to whether it was a case of inspirational writing or was there some method it. You are right on both counts. Inspiration comes from arguing or defending the reasons you wrote to prove your point. A successful method is always being able to elaborate on those reasons in parts. It begins with knowing how to write an introduction.
The focus of your essay has to be the thesis statement which would tell the reader what it is all about. It frequently appears in the last sentence of the first paragraph. An introduction thus prepares the reader for the thesis statement. The subject matter in the body of the essay deals with informing or defending logically the idea you want to present. How to write an essay can be elaborated as follows.
• Explain it. When you want to inform a reader about a situation or process, you use the expository method. An example of this would be explaining how to write an essay, as in this case. You attempt to explain in a methodical manner the various aspects of an idea.
• Sometimes a situation or topic has to be explained descriptively. In a description essay, you describe a scene, a place or a conversation. The general idea here is being able to describe more artistically than just explain it. In school, we all have written illustration essays.
• Narrate it. Many a time, you have to recreate a conversation or situation. This is done in your own words in serial order. Essay topics like “A visit to the zoo” or “My fantastic holiday in Rome” would come under this category. Fiction and other literary works like stories, novels, historical events, and epics are examples of narrative essays.
• Persuasive essays provide scope for putting forth your ideas. Here you get the chance to support them with convincing arguments. In other words, you are trying to convince other people to accept your point of view. You don’t have to delve into the other side of the argument.
• The most challenging of all is an argumentative essay. This is very similar to a persuasive essay, the difference being that here you have to oppose and clearly state why your argument or opinion is more valid than the one opposing it. You have to use exhaustive means to defend your position and debate on it.
All the above-mentioned methods have been established through a period of time. By following these methods and with a little effort on your part, you will be able to write great essays. You will know how to write an essay with ease.
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