Possible Cause-Effect Topics

1. Explain the effects of stress on you. Focus by limiting to a specific situation.
2. Think about your favorite author. What caused him/her to write as he/she did?
3. What are the effects of television on study habits?
4. Why are you such a good/poor/mediocre student?
5. What were the effects of Sputnik on American education?
6. What are the effects of overcrowding?
7. How can one individual have an effect on the environment?
8. What are the signs of teenage depression? How can teenage depression be prevented or treated?
9. What are the typical causes of poor behavior in the classroom?
10. What are the effects of the computer on the quality of your writing?
11. Would Mt. Hebron be the same without ___________________?
12. What were the causes of the __________War?
13. What were the effects of the ____________War?
14. What are the physical effects of anger?
15. Is the media a reflection of society's ills or does it cause society's ills?
16. Why can't Johnny read?
17. What are the effects of illiteracy?
18. Should television cameras be allowed in the court room?
19. What effect has the automobile had on the American society?
20. What is the value of having a pet? a hobby?
21. Can music improve learning?
22. What are the effects of beauty? ugliness? poverty? wealth?
23. Are good grades an accurate prediction of future success?
24. How does pain effect a person's life?
25. Which is more of an influence on a person's life -- genetics or environment?
26. Think of a character from history or fiction. What caused his/her behavior? What were the results of her/his behavior?
27. What influence do you have over your friends and/or family? Why?
28. Does the United Nations have any influence in the world today?
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