What does Persuasive Essay Format Suppose?

Persuasive Essay Format For a Good Essay
The genre of essay supposes freedom of creativity. An essay is our personal reflection concerning the things we’ve heard, read, seen or watched. It expresses our ideas, feelings and attitude to the world. On the one hand, it is free flight of our fantasy, in fact it may be written on any topic and in any style. By contrast, the free composition of an essay is subordinated to the certain rules. It should be persuasive essay format.
No matter, what topic you write on an essay, you always should ask yourself the following questions:
• Have I clearly expressed the point of view?
• Is everything written in understandable language?
• Are there the errors in writing?
• What rules of essay writing should I know?
• What should I start with?
An essay has its structure. It consists of the introduction, the content and the conclusion. Persuasive essay format is as follows:
• the first paragraph where opinion is expressed and data introduced. The importance of introduction is caused by the reader’s predisposition, whether it is necessary to read the essay or not.
• two or four paragraphs with logically ordered arguments to support the stated opinion. The body is the message which we want to get across to the reader. Usually it is very difficult to estimate the body of an essay. Then, re-read the basic part.
• the final paragraph with a conclusion. The conclusion completes the thought. Afterwards it should stand out in the reader’s memory. It is important, when the conclusion comes back to the main idea. In other words, it should contain what has been written in the introduction.
In the persuasive essay format all the ideas are logically connected with one another and with the main conception as well. They have to be crossed with the main thought and supplement it. On such a structure it is possible to write any essay, filling it with necessary facts. On the contrary, those facts and details, which don’t concern the main topic, are to be avoided.
In your essay it is unnecessary to use abstruse words which you have seen in the dictionary and never used. Your essay should be yours – that is, written from your position.
Check up all verbs, after all it is the basic tools in any language, therefore they should be correct and interesting, therefore use more synonyms.
Smooth transitions from one paragraph to another are extremely important element of successful essay as it shows your ability to clearly and interestingly state the thought
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