Writing Prompts in Middle School are Really Necessary to Write a Good Paper

Writing Prompts Example is a Really Useful Guideline to Follow
Writing prompts in middle school are statements on different topics that help children to develop their creativity, writing skills and thinking power. At every middle school, teachers use writing prompts to challenge children’s writing talent. As a result, children stir quickly their imagination and write an essay perfectly well. It is a good way for pupils to become more communicative.
There are a lot of kinds of writing prompts that can be given by teachers or even parents to arouse child’s desire for creation. Persuasive writing prompts, narrative writing prompts, expository writing prompts, journal writing prompts, essay writing prompts, etc.
o Persuasive writing prompts.
- To write an essay on persuasive topic, it is important to produce substantial facts, instances and logical ideas as to a subject matter. A child should have a strong position in discussion and try to convince someone to support his/her viewpoints. Accordingly, persuasive writing prompts will be the following:
• How will you convince your parents to date with a boy older than you?
• Should alcohol drinking be allowed in public places?
• How will you convince your dad to take his car for a night?
o Narrative writing prompts in middle school.
- Children should tell the events or situations that have taken place. The sequence of events is described clearly presenting some facts. Such type of prompts is based on fictional or non-fictional situations.
• Describe the most memorable day in your life
• Write about your journey to Scotland
• Write about your first experience in driving a car
o Expository prompts.
- They are based on explanation concerning a topic. They include a main idea, details which have to be strictly supported and a logically organized conclusion.
• What are the pros and cons of science? Give reasonable point of view.
• Is it important to be responsible?
• Do you think children are important? Explain it and give some examples.
o Journal writing prompts.
- These prompts are given mostly during summer holidays in order to help children to develop their creativity. They make notes about all emotions and feelings they have experienced during the days. It even becomes a hobby for someone that helps to keep a track of events.
• What would you do if you were a superhero?
• Keep a track of events daily
• Gather information where your classmates are going to spend summer holidays.
o Essay writing prompts.
- Writing prompts are aimed to explain the importance of the statement. It is an article where the author tells his/her viewpoints about subjects, personalities, etc.
• If I were the richest human on the planet…
• Write an essay on harmful influence of drugs
• How do you imagine the last day at school?
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