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Creation of poetry essays is the most difficult task of the English course. If you are assigned to write an essay about poetry, it means that you have to produce your interpretation of a certain poem you are going to analyze. When you interpret any kind of poem, you have to explain what the meaning is.
Do not confuse a fact and an opinion. They are two quite different meanings. Therefore, while interpreting the poems, never deal with facts. An interpretation means to be an expression of your opinion. Very often, students try to convey somebody’s viewpoints or what they have read in a book. Make some efforts to create your own original point of view.
To analyze the poem is hard work to cope with that requires skills and patience. Usually, students find a poem form being the most difficult part of their paper. Telling the truth, a poet tries to make the poems short and fills them with feelings and meanings. It is likely to be a mysterious puzzle to solve.
When analyzing the poem, it is useful to keep in mind some recommendations. First of all, forget that it is the poem itself. Just read it and make sure that you have understood it completely. What this poem is about, what content it has. One more item is trying to imagine a picture while rereading the poem for several times. There are some tips to follow:
- In poetry essays, it is helpful to make some notes about the poet. Put down some characteristic features like the poet’s mood and state. Find out a gender of the author (male or female) and his/her age. Write down a manner of speaking (the poet sounds happy, worried, angry and mournful).
- Find out a person the author is addressed to. It could be a monologue or imaginary conversation.
- Guess what is the subject matter of the poem
- Write about the events and place where a situation has happened
- During the reading, analyze sentence by sentence, but not the whole text at once. It gives you possibility to understand the matter of the poem quicker. In a case you have not understood the poem yet, try to read it in loud voice. Mind your intonation and punctuation in a particular abstract. It could be useful advice.
- In poetry paper, it is demandable to interpret the poem’s meaning. Try to find out the messages the author wants to show. Then you have to write about the language the poet uses to convey the message. Mind the emphasis on the definite words. The author emphasizes the certain words to make them memorable.
- As a conclusion, write your attitude to the subject matter, what feelings have arisen during your reading of the poem.
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