Argumentative Research Paper Topics to Dispute on Any Topic

Argumentative Research Paper Topics Relate Usually to the Problems of the Society
In order to start writing an argumentative research paper, first of all you have to choose the proper argumentative research paper topics.
Argumentative research topics are such kind of paper topics that have a disputing character. In order to select the topic of your argumentative research paper, it is important to realize that the topic should be convincing, including persuasive arguments.
Argumentative topics should be presented clearly and have an understandable ground to make the subject of investigation readable and obvious to the readers at once. Generally, argumentative topics are allowed to be in the question form instead of thought-provoking statements. Such kind of topics provokes different arguing opinions that they can be never ending.
There are various argumentative research paper topics samples that give a general impression of what they really could be:
o The problem of drinking
o The problem of abortion in the whole world
o The problem of drug addiction and ways of fighting it
o Homeless people are also human beings
Looking through the list of some argumentative topic samples, you can arrive at the conclusion what topic you can explore, and what topic you can consider for future writing.
There are two types of argumentative paper topics: common argumentative topics and interesting argumentative research topics. Common topics are not so argumentative as they seem to be. To persuade anyone will be not problematic. In this case, they are presented in interrogative form:
o Do the computer games really cause the bad behavior of children?
o Does the difference in age spoil any kind of close relationship?
o Is ozone hole the cause of gradual changing the environment?
o Should Spanish be declared as the international language?
o Who has priorities in family relationship: male or female?
o Fashion trends. Is it really important to stick to their advice?
o Racism. Does it exist nowadays?
o Homosexualism. Is it normal or not?
The next type is interesting argumentative research paper topics. They are fancier and it is not a great deal to prepare something juicy. If you want to have a fun and get quick answer, use such kind of topics:
o Is not it horrible to kill animals for scientific experiments?
o Can politics be called killers?
o Should citizens be given the “right to die”?
o Has the global climate ever changed?
o Is it normal to have sex in premarital relations?
Mostly, argumentative topics should always be straightforward, to the point and specific. This is the only way you can present the argument in order to persuade the readers. This is when you let them know that you are a good writer and aware of what your topic is about. However, it is not worth considering a complicated and broad topic.
Argumentative research topic should be flexible. As for you, you should be able to take a stand. Flexible topic means that if something unexpected occurs, you will be ready to change your idea or course of writing.
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