Reveal Your Inner World in Reflection Essay

Reflection Essay Develops Students’ Critical Thinking
Students are supposed to reveal their personal points or thoughts in a reflection essay. This kind of essay helps you to know your inner world better as only your reaction or perception of the issue is important. Due to this essay you may improve your critical thinking and writing skills.
Although, essay on the reflection is a very interesting kind of paper assignment, you should learn some rules how to complete a successful paper.
1. Identify the topic for your essay. Usually students are free in choosing the topic for their essay. In this kind of essay you may write about something that you have already learned, seen, read or traveled (e.g. about some project that you have finished or traveling to a wonderful place). Think of the thing that you are the most experienced of or that impressed you the most. Stick only to your own beliefs. In this kind of essay only your point is significant – not that one of your friends, relatives or teacher. Try to choose a familiar topic that does not require a lot of researching. Remember, the less time you spend on research, the more time you may devote to the writing process. Think of the form of your essay.
2. Structure the essay. Structure plays a vital role in evaluating the paper. That is why do not produce a hastily written essay.
Reflection essay outline is completely the same as in any other kinds of essay. It also takes five-paragraphs structure.
In the introductory paragraph you should present the issue that you are going to develop. Give your reasons for choosing this definite topic. Provide some sense of the importance of the following essay. You may underline its scientific significance. Provide solid background information about the subject under research. At the end of the introduction state your essay aim and purpose.
You may divide the essay body into several subparagraphs (depending on how many main ideas you have). Each paragraph should present a certain idea. Start the paragraph with the topic sentence. Topic sentence is a main sentence of the paragraph that states the main point that should be further developed throughout the paragraph. Remember in a reflection essay you should not just give the contents of some events or situation but reveal your personal perfection of the event. For example, if you want to tell about your summer vacation to some city or country, you should not just name what places of interest are there or any other geographical data. Try to describe your vacation as an adventure that has happen to you. Stress on your emotional experience. Describe the things not how they are, but how you see them. In this kind of essay only your own opinion is primary.
3. Proofread and edit the paper. While proofreading, check your spelling and punctuation. Correct all misspelled words.
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