Compare Interesting Personalities in Your Comparative Essay

Comparative Essay Writing – Finding Similarities or Differences
In comparative essay you have to compare two or more things. That is why choose for you essay the topic that involves comparison.
If you have no idea how to compose comparison essay, so you may search for the essay samples in internet. Pay attention to the scheme of how the subjects are compared and contrasted. If you have some doubts as for the structure of your essay, you may consult your advisor. He will help you to outline your paper in a proper and the most comfortable for you way. There are different ways of how you can write a comparison essay.
1. If you have chosen the topic for your essay that involves not many similarities or differences, so you should follow the next scheme in writing the essay. You may divide the essay body into several paragraphs. In the first paragraph present the first subject of your essay. Describe it in details, providing relevant examples. At the end of the paragraph write a transition sentence. Start the second paragraph with an opening sentence, where you will present the second subject under investigation. Indicate the most significant features of the given subject that have some similarities or differences with the second subject. Devote the last, third paragraph of your essay to the actual comparison and contrasting of two subjects.
2. If the subjects under research have only few similarities or differences, so you may devote the whole paragraph to one similar or contrasting feature that those subjects have. In the next paragraph proceed to the second similarity or difference in both subjects. Start with the less important similarity and step-by-step proceed to the next, more generalized similar feature.
It is no matter what scheme of presenting your contrasting subjects you choose, you should always stick to the following outline:
1. Introduction with the thesis statement. In the introduction present both subjects that you want to compare. You may also explain why you have chosen these concrete subjects. Point out what scientific significance your research brings. You may also outline the structure of the main body, so the readers will be ready to grasp comparative essay information.
2. Main body of your essay may be divided into several paragraphs. Try to organize each paragraph logically, so the readers may clearly see the similarities and differences of the subjects.
3. Conclusion. In the concluding part you should sum up everything that you discovered about the subjects. Underline once again their contrasting features. But do not use in the summary new examples or new ideas.
When you paper is ready, do not submit it immediately. You should first make sure that there are no any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes.
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