Learn How to Classify in the Classification Essay

A Challenging and Interesting Task of Classification Essay writing
Classification essay develops analyzing skills of the students. It helps to learn how to research different sources and generalize information.
In order to complete a good paper you may use some of these tips:
1. Make a list of interesting classification topics. If you cannot make a list by yourself then ask your instructor to give you some good topic ideas. You may also surf the internet database. Here you may find a great diversity of classification topics or essay samples. Think thoroughly what subject you would like to classify in your paper and if it is easy to break the following subject into different categories. Sometimes the essay subject is predetermined by the teacher, so the students should go into a definite subject details.
2. Find information on the classification subject. Try to find an equal portion of information on each point of the subject. It would be wrong if you classify one part of the subject more detailed than the other. When reading the information on the subject underline the main points and write down them into your notebook. Then you may easily revise what you have read.
3. After analyzing the sources you should proceed to the essay structuring. With the help of the outline you may organize your thoughts in a logical sequence. Include to the essay outline: the introductory part, the essay main part and the conclusion.
In the introductory part present the essay topic. Explain how this subject will be lately sorted. Write what methods of classification you are going to use in your paper. Explain why these method or methods should work and what results you may achieve. In the last sentence of the introductory part (that is the thesis statement) point out the purpose of your essay and its research question.
The main body may be divided into three paragraphs and sub-paragraphs (depending on the required length of the essay). Start each paragraph with an opening sentence. Here you should write the main idea of the paragraph. Here you should also categorize the essay subject. Divide it into groups. Analyze each group equally. After the presentation of each group, provide examples either taken from the books or your own samples. Reading the examples readers will better understand what you are talking about in the essay. You may also point out the similarities or the differences between the categories. Pay attention to the transitions between the paragraphs. The main idea of the previous paragraph should smoothly flow into the next paragraphs. The last concluding paragraph should be a final dot of your classification essay.

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