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High School Essays Nurture Your Writing Skills
Pupils usually wonder how to write high school essays. If you need to complete an essay then use the following instruction:
Before you start writing you should choose a topic to research. Try to choose an original topic for your essay. You may consult your advisor and ascertain what kind of material you need for your essay. If you find out that there is an endless supply of material on the given topic, then you should better change it. If you choose a broad topic that it will take you a lot of time to research all this material. Try to dig down into the broad topics of high school essays in searching of a narrow and specified topic. But do not make your essay topic too narrow because then you may not find any possible sources on this subject. Think also what research question your essay topic involves.
When you defined the topic for your essay then try to find a set of relevant sources from which you mat take information for your essay:
1. Books or textbooks.
2. Internet may be a fabulous source of information. Here you may also find essay samples.
3. Periodical material (newspapers, magazines etc.)
While reading the books, make notes. Write down the most important ideas and arguments. Point out the information about the book from which you have taken this information so then you can easily find again this book in a database.
When you have all the necessary material for your paper, categorize your notes and make an outline. While planning your paper, think what parts of essay fit together. Write the next compulsory constituents of the essay:
- the introduction
- the main body
- the conclusion
In the introduction you should capture the readers’ attention. For this purpose you may start the introductory part with some interesting fact, quotation or question. Then you may provide background information. The last sentence of the introduction is a thesis statement. It is a single sentence where the main idea and the purpose of the whole essay are stated.
In the essay body you should develop the main idea of your paper. Start each paragraph with an opening sentence. Here you should state some argument and then develop it. Support the main points of your essay with facts, details, and vivid examples. Try to use transition words in order to make your paper smooth and logical. At the end of each paragraph write a summary sentence. Here you should give a brief summary of what you have said in the paragraph.
The conclusion comes at the end of your essay. Here you should not only restate the main ideas and the strongest points of the essay but also provide a constructive summary.

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