Use APA Guide for Writing your APA Format Essay

APA Format Essay is an Essay that Should be Completed According to the APA Requirements
If you are assigned to complete APA format essay, learn thoroughly what the main rules of APA formatting are.
You may ask your instructor to explain you what the main APA requirements to the paper are. You may also study APA rules independently. Following the APA guideline create the next APA outline of your essay:
- The cover page
- The Abstract
- The introduction
- The main body
- The conclusion
- Bibliography
1. The cover page consists of the author’s full name (first name, middle name and surname), academic details (course number, number of academic semester and sometimes the place where the research was conducted) and the title of the essay. You should center the title of your paper in the upper half of the page. Do not make lengthy title. It should include no more that twelve words. Do not use abbreviations or vague word expressions in the title of your paper. It should be clear and reveal the content of your essay.
2. Abstract. Start to write the abstract from a new page. At the top of the page the title of the essay should be printed. Then, in the center of the page, place the word – Abstract (without any punctuation marks, underlining or bolds). Try to make the abstract part not lengthy (near 150-250 words). Here you should very briefly present and describe the essay topic, write the purpose of your essay. In a few words describe the methodological part. It is also required to write the key words of your paper in the abstract part. Then your work will be easily and quickly found in the database.
3. In the introductory part and the main body of the essay you may provide quotes. According to APA in-text citation rules, you should put right after the citation, it’s author’s surname, the year of book publication and the page number for the reference. The rest of the information about the reference should be placed in the Bibliography. If you paraphrase somebody’s idea, then you should also state the reference to the book. Write an author of the book and the year of the book issue.
If you use for the first time the citation taken from the book that is composed by three to five authors, then list all the authors’ last names. But if you use the same reference for the second time, use only the first author’s surname followed by ‘et al’ (and others). You may italicize the title of the books. The titles of articles and chapters should be enclosed in quotation marks. No matter what source you refer to, you should always state the year of its publication. In the concluding part of the essay you cannot provide any citations. Bibliography or the list of references is usually placed at the end of the essay.

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