A Good Discussion Essay Is a Product Of Thoughtful Research

A Discussion Essay Cannot Be Written In an Hour
Along with different types of essays discussion essay is such sample research paper which has its place of honor. One may say it is a combination of personal and informative essay as the writer can express his/her own opinion without thinking about reader’s approval or disapproval. It is usually used while writing college research paper.
Like any other essay this kind of research paper includes an introduction, a body and a conclusion and follows the set standard essay format. But the uniqueness of this research paper outline can be established with the content of the essay and not the format. The very first thing that grips our attention is the title of the essay. It should be interesting in order to produce the first impression.
The introduction should introduce the reader to the title and the writer’s explanation as to why this or that title was chosen. The body consists of the main discussion on the definite point. The writer gives his own ideas and points of view which are supported by solid and weighed evidences. Two sides of the coin are explained and discussed in details. Information is given according to its importance. The conclusion gives a brief review of the whole essay. Here the writer shouldn’t develop on some new points and to depict a situation of the discussed topic on a larger scale. It should be so good, strongly written and presented that it forces the reader to do some thinking. The writing topics can be different, just remember that in your discussion writing at list two directly opposite opinions should be used in order to prove which one is closer and appeals to you.
So as we can see this kind of research paper writing is not so difficult assignment as one may think, but here there is a controversy as some writers may create the essay more of an personal essay, giving priority to the part of the work where personal views are expressed and the title of the essay may begin with one such remark that clearly points out the distinction of this essay over the others. If you do not know how to make a research paper of this kind you should possess good communicative skills, the ability to conduct well-grounded argumentation, be aware of the challenge he can face and to stand for one’s point without being aggressively and negatively oriented. And it is also very important if the writer is concerned about the topic, if not his discussion essay will be uninteresting and dull.

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