Tips to make your discussion essay interesting

A few good ideas to write an interesting discussion essay
A discussion essay is one type of essay writing where the writer writes about a topic by presenting various view points on the topic. Unlike a synthesis essay where the writer presents views of many other persons on one particular subject, here the idea is for the author to reflect on the subject.
The author is expected to elaborate on the subject and provide a variety of views on the same. The main point to note is that the author is not expected to convince the reader of his views. It is more like stating his own views on the subject. The major expectation here is that the author should deliberate on the subject and present various viewpoints. Going by the above rules and definitions, one might think that this type of essay will be very monotonous and get boring as it proceeds. However, if written properly, a discussion essay can be one of the most interesting of essays to read.
One of the most important elements required to make this type of essay interesting to read is the ‘debate factor’. You might raise an eyebrow when I mention this. How could one possibly debate on a subject when he is asked to present only his own views? The trick here is for the author to seriously contemplate his own views, deliberate on them and present alternate views on the subject.
For an essay of this type, you can try to coin a catchy title. The first thing that will attract a reader’s interest it the topic or title. It directs the readers’ attention towards your research paper, term paper or discussion essay and persuades them to read it. You might get some good titles by looking at various research paper topics.
Although a good title attracts a reader towards your article, it is ultimately the content that can sustain a reader’s interest till the end. More than the research paper format or discussion essay format or the research paper topic or essay topic, it is the content that makes the difference between a bad, average and a good essay. Actually, there is nothing unusual in the format for this type of an essay as all of them will have a common format such as a title, body of the essay and the conclusion. Thus, one cannot aim to make a great difference or impression by means for using different formats. Therefore, content alone can make a difference here.
Even though the author is required to present and argue over his own views in this type of an essay, it is not a bad idea to refer to various research paper samples that might dwell on the same or similar subject. By doing so, you will be able to mull more over your subject and get more ideas and theories on your subject. The more you deliberate on it, the more the ideas and views will you get. Similar to a debate, numerous opposing views and justifications to support those views make the essay extremely interesting and sustain the reader’s interest till the end of the discussion essay.

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