The Difficulties of a Simple Cause and Effect Essay Writing

The Traps of Cause and Effect Essay
Like any other types of essay cause and effect essay has peculiar features to be observed at writing. As the name suggests the essay lists or explores causes and effects of certain event, situation or behavior. These are the most common academic assignments which are fun to write. Still there are some tips to follow when planning to write this essay.
At prewriting stage one should brainstorm ideas to get the list of possible causes or events which explain some phenomenon as well as the list of effects which this phenomenon has. From general ideas developed as a result of brainstorming one needs to proceed to in-depth research into the issue or event discussed. It cannot be argued that personal knowledge is not always enough to see the whole picture of this or that problem.
Upon completion of the list of causes and effects one has to define a focus of more in-depth research. It is impossible to cover all causes and effect, so a writer has to determine his scope of research and outline the main points of the paper. Minor causes can be mentioned in the paper. However, the greater part of cause and effect essay should be devoted to major forces behind certain phenomenon.
As the result of the brainstorming and research activity one comes to a coherent conclusion which can be expressed in different forms. The conclusion of this essay format is rather simple to compose. Sometimes it is enough to point out causes and effects organized in a personalized fashion or it may be expressed as an appeal to take some actions. Thus the essay may adopt either informative or persuasive tone. However, whatever the tone is, a writer has to keep in mind the single focus or purpose of the paper – either to inform or persuade – and follow it through the paper.
The body of the cause and effect essay is constructed from the supporting evidence in the form of facts, statistics, experiences and examples. This part of the essay requires thorough research and literature analysis to build a strong argument or compose the fullest list of causes and/or effects. A writer has to be very careful when documenting causes or effects as he/she may fall into the logical trap. The trap of this essay can be in simplistic logic when chronologically earlier event is considered to be the cause of the later event. This logical fallacy should be avoided. So, this essay type requires well-developed analytical skills to see imbedded reasons in certain events or conditions.

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