Keep to the Paper Outline Format and Surely Get a Good Research Paper

Burdensome but Important Paper Outline Format
Your achievements and scientific qualification are remarkable in your professional career. Writing of scientific papers is impossible without carrying out any research. The first skills of research work are embodied in the research papers based on the theoretical knowledge, confirmed on practice. Paper outline format helps you to plan tentatively your paper work.
You spend a lot of your personal time, develop such important qualities for the future researcher as creative thinking, responsibility and ability to defend your point of view. Writing the outline makes your work more targeted, less chaotic. First, when you choose the direction of scientific research work, it is necessary to consider the topic of the paper. It should be:
• actual from both theoretical and practical points of view;
• feasible for performance;
• prospective for the subsequent research in this direction in the student’s scientific organization;
• procured enough with a corresponding primary material;
• interesting for the researcher which stimulates the search initiative.
Then, make up the plan and stages of the basic actions of the subsequent work on a topic. To provide their realization, the making of the paper outline format is the fourth step after choosing a topic, finding information and thesis statement. What is the purpose of an outline? How to compose it? What is its importance for you and other students? What peculiarities of outline writing should be noted?
The purpose of a research paper outline is to organize your work on topic logically. Paper outline format consists of introduction, body and conclusion. For the effective work on the topic:
1. schedule the work structure, work out the program and a research technique;
2. create your own card files, carry out scientific research experiments in laboratories, search expeditions, parties. Enter their description and results into the paper outline;
3. create the experimental base whenever possible;
4. use of the information of the global network;
5. think over and write down the generalization of the results and conclusions;
Writing of the research paper requires first of all accurate representation of the level of your creativity at work on an investigated topic. Therefore, you need to familiarize with the basic literature which concerns the chosen problem. The paper outline is composed up to you, it is only draft variant of your research paper, but try to show it to your teacher or supervisor. Research activity requires much attention and patience from them as a good luck or failure of each student in many respects depends on their own true or incorrect actions.

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