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In argumentative paper students should develop strong points and deal with the opposition. Besides they should present their personal opinion or judgment as for the controversial problem. You should manage to persuade the readers in your point of view. Argumentative topics may refer to numerous spheres of human life – politics, business, religious issues, social values etc. You should find a topic that contains controversial points. Choose a topic that you are strongly aware of, so you can provide strong pro or contra arguments.

In your paper you may discuss various topics starting with the prohibition of smoking and continuing with women in the military. First of all, choose the topic of your concern and then narrow it to more specific and pressing point. Think what topic may interest the public. If you are looking for good argumentative research topics for your paper, you may visit custom essay writing web sites. Here you may find a good paper topics related to any discipline or science sphere. Look for some up-to-date topics that are important for public discussion. For example, in your paper you may raise such problems as family violence, one sex marriages, gene testing, polygamy etc. Other good topics for your paper may be violence and abuse, drugs and alcohol, illegal immigration, medical ethics, women drivers etc.

When you defined the topic for your paper but you have no idea how it is better to start your writing, you may look for research paper samples. Read the samples very attentively, pay attention to the outline structure. Argumentative paper, similarly to other kinds of academic writing, includes the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

In the introductory part you should give some background information about the topic, so the readers could fully understand the argumentative paper topic. Here you should also state your point of view and your principles as for the issue. You should also point out why the given topic is important for the public discussion. At the end of the introduction write the purpose and the main aim of your paper. You may also foresee the possible progress of events.

In the main body of your argumentative paper you should use strong arguments, so by the end of the writing most of the readers should take your side. For this purpose you should anticipate and influence the readers’ believes or feelings. Try to appeal to their emotions and anxiety. Think who your readers are and if it will be easy for you to change their points. Think to what degree the readers are aware of the topic of your discussion, so you will know what arguments it is better to provide – general or more specific. While presenting your point of view, do not be aggressive. Try to use positive tone in your paper. In the summary, you should sum up everything that was discussed before. Think if you managed to reach your final goals.

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