Provide a Convincing Arguments and Counter-Arguments in Your Argumentative Paper

Argumentative Paper is Challenging and Stimulating Type of Writing
When you have to choose the topic for your argumentative paper, think what audience you are going to present your paper. Depending on the target audience, you may choose more general or more specified topic.
If you want to organize your paper effectively, follow the guideline:
1. First write thesis or introduction.
2. Write context of the main body. Depending on the required size of the main body, it may be subdivided into two, three or more paragraphs:
- literature review
- the paper argument presentation
- counter-argument
- response to counter-argument
3. Conclusion
Write a good introduction. Remember that without a good and attractive introduction you cannot have a good paper. Here you should specify the subject of your paper, describing its scientific value and the reasons for its investigation.
Your thesis statement should be:
- descriptive
- factual
- clear
- highly debatable
Some students also prefer to make in the introductory part a brief outline of the next paragraphs that will appear in the main body. In the last sentence of the introduction, write down the purpose of your paper.
The main body will appear the longest part of your paper. The first paragraph of the body you may devote to the literature review. Write some background information about the paper subject. Then you may write an objection paragraph. Here you should present your statements and the strongest arguments. Supply valuable examples and citations. If you provide in-text citations make sure you follow the rules of the required citation style. The next paragraph you may devote to the state objections of your statements. Try to adduce only solid proofs. You may also support the objections with book citations or examples.
As you see, while writing your paper, you shall play for both for the person that present arguments and for the person who disputes. Your task is to present the points of view of the both sides convincingly. You may also ask your instructor or the person who is aware of the topic of your paper to read it. They may suggest their own interesting counter-arguments to the statements. Finally, you should prove that the counter-arguments are false or vague.
Conclusion is the last part of your paper. Think thoroughly how you will present it. You may once again underline the main points of your paper and draw the summary. Do not try just to copy the sentences from the paragraphs but paraphrase using other words.

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