Argumentative Research Paper Topics – Choose the Right One

Argumentative Research Paper Topics
Argumentative research paper topics entail that you pick themes that have two or more diametrically opposing point of views. As you go over various such themes make sure that you choose topics that suit your style and interest.
Choosing a topic that you have interest in may not always be enough. Look for a topic that has enough controversial matter to write on. So choose a few themes at first, the ones that interest you, and then look for data to support the essay writing. Having a strong belief on a certain controversial issue is one thing, while supporting the belief with logical and strong arguments, is altogether another thing. After exploring various themes, finalize on a topic that interests you, and which also has enough supporting data to back your line of argument.
Once a topic has been selected start exploring the subject to collect information. You will have to study both sides of the argument in detail. This is necessary as you have to present both sides of the issue, with an analysis that examines them in a correct perspective. As you present your viewpoints in the essay and support them with strong arguments, it is also imperative that you write the opposing viewpoints and refute them with logical reasoning. So a very important aspect of writing an argumentative essay is to collect evidences, both to support your viewpoint and to refute the opposing ones.
An argumentative essay will consist of the standard introductory paragraph, the body, and the concluding paragraph. The introduction will present the topic, define the important terms, and explain your stand to the reader. The body will take up the topic in detail and discuss both sides of the issue, complete with well placed arguments and logical reasonings. Here you will have to take a stand on the issue, and support it with strong and reliable arguments. The concluding paragraph will sum up the entire essay and reiterate your stand once again.
Given below are some argumentative research paper topics that your may find interesting:
1. Should government ban all forms of mercy killing?
2. Should abortion be made into a legal right for the mother?
3. Should gay marriages be made legal?
4. Is the war on Iraq and Afghanistan justified?
5. Should we pay taxes when we do not get the desired services from our government?
6. Is sparing the rod really spoiling the new age child?
7.Are parents to be really blamed for adolescence problems like drug addictions, risky sex lives etc.?
8. should all teenagers be given compulsory military training?
9. does religion really ask to kill innocent people?
10. are beauty pageants setting bad examples for the young teenage girls?
There are endless similar argumentative research paper topics that one can choose to write on. It would be preferable if the writer does indeed pick up something that is new and still fresh in the minds of the readers. However, before writing, one should explore the theme very well so that he can put up a convincing argument and logically refute the opposing viewpoints.
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